General information about advance care planning

ACP care Homes website – family member page
Contains information for families of individuals considering advance care planning.  Designed for families of care home residents, but contains information that is relevant many contexts

Marie Curie – Planning your care in advance
Marie Curie guide to advance care planning.  Information for individuals and families

NHS – Planning ahead pages
NHS guide to planning ahead for end of life care. Information for individuals and families

Advance care planning: An introduction – Care Home support
Designed for use in Care Homes but contains information applicable to other settings

The Hospice Podcast – Helping patients plan for their future with Advance Care Planning
Dr Phil Swarbrick gives an introduction to advance care planning

Macmillan Advance Care Planning
Online guidelines about the components of advance care planning

Universal Principles for Advance Care Planning (ACP)
NHS England Document

Advance care planning tools and templates

RED–MAP framework
A clinical communication guide for talking to individuals and their families about planning care, and death and dying

Video guide to using RED-MAP

Macmillan Northern Ireland - Your life and your choices: plan ahead
Macmillan booklet explains how you can plan ahead for your future care in Northern Ireland

Dementia UK - Planning for your future – Advance Care Planning
Advance care planning guide and template

Addressing Goals of Care
Addressing Goals of Care using the REMAP tool

My future wishes plan
Easy read advance care planning booklet (England and Wales).  Designed for people with learning disabilities

Advance care planning documentation: video
Video discussing advance care planning documentation. Recorded with Care Homes in mind, but contains valuable information for many contexts

Distress protocol
Example for use in cases of distress during advance care planning discussions
PDF document

Checklist for advance care planning meeting
Reminders of suggestions in this resource for what to address in a planned advance care planning meeting
PDF document

Checklist for recording and sharing an advance care plan
Reminders of suggestions in this resource for how to record and share an advance care plan
PDF document

Emergency care planning

Resuscitation Council UK: CPR Decisions, DNACPR and ReSPECT
Guidance on DNACPR decisions

National Council for Palliative Care & NHS national end of life care programme
Advance decisions to refuse treatment: A guide for health and social care professionals

ReSPECT documentation
The ReSPECT process creates personalised recommendations for a person’s clinical care and treatment in a future emergency in which they are unable to make or express choices

NIHR Evidence Alert: Advance care planning is welcomed by older people after an emergency admission
Short report of recent research suggesting that many older people welcome the opportunity to discuss their future care following an emergency hospital admission

Conversational tools and resources

‘Planning Ahead’ tool

An online tool to help individuals to start thinking about what is important to them when planning for future care

‘What matters to me’ conversations
A series of short videos to encourage open conversations about person-centred healthcare and Advance care planning

Guidance for conversations with distressed or concerned individuals

A six step protocol for delivering bad news

The Hospice Podcast – The Art of Difficult Conversations
Listen to a podcast discussion about difficult conversations including use of the SPIKES model

Book: Kathryn Mannix 2021 - Listen: how to find the words for tender conversations
ISBN-13: 978-0008435479
Harper Collins

Guidance for having difficult but important conversations

Book: Kathryn Mannix 2017 - With the End in Mind: how to live and die well
Harper Collins

Stories to encourage open and honest approaches to death and dying from Dr Kathryn Mannix’s years of clinical experience in palliative care.


Mental Capacity Act (England and Wales)
The Mental Capacity Act 2005.  Legislation which covers England and Wales.

Mental Capacity Act (Northern Ireland)
The Mental Capacity Act 2016. Legislation which covers Northern Ireland

Adults with Incapacity Act (Scotland)
The Adults with Incapacity Act 2000 (Scotland). Legislation which covers Scotland

NHS: Guide to Mental Capacity Act
NHS guidance on mental capacity

Mental Health, Mental Capacity: My human rights
Booklet on mental health, mental capacity and human rights

Marie Curie – Mental Capacity and making decisions
Guidance on mental capacity

Alzheimer’s Society – Assessing the mental capacity of a person with dementia
Guide to assessing mental capacity

Supportive and palliative care resources

SPICT™ resources
A range of resources about palliative and end of life care for health and care professionals, including advice on communication and future care planning

National Ambitions End of Life Care Framework
National framework for palliative and end of life care

Self-care and wellbeing information

Mindfulness (NHS)
NHS Information about mindfulness practice

Sleep and tiredness (NHS)
NHS Information about sleeping better

Exercise (NHS)
A guided training plan for physical fitness

Grief support

Cruse Bereavement Care
Provides free support, advice and information for adults, children and young people

Grief Chat
An online support service for those experiencing grief